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About Vochi

Why we are – We’ve forgotten what it was like to pick up the phone and talk to someone for hours, or to get a letter from a faraway friend. Emails and texts leave somehow leave us feeling less connected to the people we care about.

We wanted to find a way to renew and strengthen our connections with our friends and family in this fast-paced digital age, so we created Vochi, to help you stay connected with friends and family on your own terms.

Now you won’t forget to tell your mom happy birthday, because even though you remembered every day for two weeks that it was coming up, you forgot on the actual day. Send voice, video, photo and text messages any time of the day or night, and schedule them to arrive when they need to.

Now you won’t wish you had saved those messages from your dad before it was too late to hear his voice again, or those messages from your kids, who grew up and don’t tell you they love you anymore – at least not in that cute little voice they used to have. Click on the star to save special messages in My Cloud, and you can listen to messages from the special people in your life whenever you need a little pick-me-up. And then maybe you’ll send them a message letting them know how important they are to you.

At least, that’s what we hope.