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Vochi - Future Messaging for iPhone

Connect on your terms – schedule your video, voice, photo and text messages to arrive whenever you want, and save special messages indefinitely in your personal cloud archive. Voki is simple and intuitive. No need for time-consuming tutorials, no more strange icons you can’t identify, or tapping around on an app trying to make something happen. Just messaging – plain, simple and free.

Schedule Your Messages


Always Remember

Never forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important moments in your friends’ and families’ lives. Record messages now, and schedule them to arrive when they need to.


Timed Notifications

Need to remind yourself to call someone, or pick something up, or any of the other thousand tasks on your to-do list? Schedule yourself a message to arrive exactly when your task needs to be done.

Thinking of You

Do you want to let someone special know that you’re thinking about them, without interrupting your or their busy day? Schedule a message when for when you know they’ll really appreciate it.

Save to Your Personal Archive

Don’t lose those special moments with friends and family forever just because you lost your phone, or your messages got automatically deleted by your carrier. Save treasured messages in My Cloud, your personal archive, and look at them anytime, anywhere.

Communicate More with Voice and Video

Studies show that we communicate as much with our voice and facial expressions as we do with our words. But you already knew that. So say it using voice or video messaging – it’s the next best thing to being there.